History can be so interesting if we have the right tools. On state tests, we are noticing the trend of history or social studies articles in the reading or writing essays. That is fantastic…if we taught history. Horrible to say but true. I am constantly searching for things that are quick and easy to use in my classroom. As we get into WWII, I need to explain to 5th graders HOW the Americans entered the war. This is where the Pearl Harbor activities comes into play.

Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor Nat Geo

National Geographic has an amazing site that I use for my introduction. It is kid-friendly and will allow the students to learn all about the Attack on Pearl Harbor. Once the kids understand the actual event, we will move into the


This is not one of those places that are easily accessible. However, people will visit there and post their videos. It’s like you get your own virtual tour and honestly, I LOVE them. This virtual tour goes through all of the boats and not just the USS Arizona. I spend about 15 minutes watching this video and the kids are fascinated by it! You can check it out here on YouTube!

Google Earth

Since we are a 1:1 classroom, we can explore at our own leisure. I give them a timer and let them learn and have fun. One of those awesome activities is Google Earth. Have you used Google Earth before? We LOVE it and this is no exception. You can zoom in and see exactly where the USS Arizona is and see a great aerial view. I zoomed in for you and you can just share this with your students to see the actual Google Earth. Be aware- some districts block Google Earth from students so you may be blocked from seeing it at school.


Another website that I love letting the kids explore is Kiddle. Honestly, I will give each group a topic and let them jigsaw it around the room. They can use any props, slides, docs, images that they want. All they have to do is make sure they stay on topic. The kids get about 30 minutes to read, create, and then we spend 15 minutes teaching the other students.

Some of the topics that I include for the kids are:

  • USS Arizona
  • Location of Pearl Harbor
  • Before the attack
  • After the attack
  • The Memorial


Last but not least, I love giving students projects. These projects are usually videos, tasks to complete, true or false activities, a passage to read, and a quiz at the end. These are great for enrichment type activities or even to use in replacement for your morning work. These have been fantastic for our morning work- history + quiet learning = life.

Pearl Harbor Activities

As I said, I love history, I love everything about history (even the conspiracy theories) and they make me so incredibly happy. These 5 quick and simple activities will make your life so much easier.

Do you need Pearl Harbor activities?

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