Why did I switch to using digital reading response this year?

This year…is weird. I normally don’t do reading response journals or reading logs. However, this year I needed something to hold my students accountable. I had absolutely no way to hold my students accountable so I created digital reading response.

Digital Reading Response Featured Image
Digital Reading Response

When to use Digital Reading Response

Once COVID hit, I needed something digital. We were not allowed to provide anything with paper to the students. It ended up working out great when I went hybrid. I had some online working and some in the class but it was equitable. When we do reading groups (yes, we do them through Google Meets) I need something else to hold my students accountable for what they are doing while I am with small groups. When we were all in the classroom, I could see who was reading and who wasn’t. With hybrid, we couldn’t. Now, they can tell me exactly what they read, and honestly, it’s a lifesaver..or a grade saver!

Provide Options

The first unit was all fiction questions. The kids answered the daily question about their book. It took them about 25 days to answer the 20 pages. It took longer because we had district tests, they forgot, I forgot, etc.

We have 20 days to complete 20 different tasks. The second unit was fiction and nonfiction. They were allowed to bounce around between the two. This was incredibly helpful for the students because not every day did they have a fiction book or a nonfiction book.

What do we use?

When we first started, we were using google docs. I created an assignment, it was copied for them, they responded.

Then we switched to jamboards. My dislike for them continued and I instantly gave up on them.

Finally, we switched to Google Slides. This has been the game changer for us. I created the 20 days worth of questions. Created them as backgrounds for slides. Assigned in Google Classroom and then made a copy for each of them. It was amazing. At the due date, I say turn them in. They turn in what was completed and I grade it and add it to my grade book.

Do you have to use slides?

The short answer is no. You can use whatever you want. I needed something to show parents what they are completing in class. Plus I needed grades and this was a great way to get some grades!

How can I help you?

Luckily for you, you don’t have to create any of these digital reading responses because I have created them for you! These 20 page reading response journals can be found in my store! If you want to check out other blog posts about reading in my classroom- head here!!