We know so much about Guided Math as the years have progressed. In fact, teachers are more confident in teaching math because they are using a Guided Math Strategy. I have been using Guided math for YEARS and I wouldn’t change it at all. Today, I am going to help you with adding Guided Math into your place-value lessons! If you want a quick overview- head to this previous blog post. Today, I am going to show you how I use place value stations in a 5th grade classroom.

Place Value Stations
Place Value Stations

What is Guided Math?

Guided math groups are very similar to guided reading groups. It allows the teacher to lead the students through a lesson and then meet with small groups. Another way that teachers have formed Guided Math groups are pulling small groups and teaching the lesson in the small group. Let me tell you this, either way that you do, will be fine!!!

The Lessons

Now is the time for honesty and I am going to be completely honest with you. I do NOT teach the lessons in small group. I use that extremely valuable time to work with students to work through any misunderstandings or struggles. Again, that doesn’t mean that it’s wrong if you do only math groups. I just don’t. When you plan your lesson, get those plans printed and placed next to your next. When you switch to Guided Math, you *may* panic. Having the lesson plan next to you is always incredibly helpful. Below is an example of my daily lesson plans.

Place Value Stations
Place Value Stations

What I love about these lessons are that I am able to refer to the lesson and view the whole group skill immediately. Not only do I love that the lessons are right in front of me, but the small group lessons are done for me. I can do a quick glance, gather my materials and then differentiate the groups.

Place Value Stations

I love small group time. If you don’t know how to make math groups, listen to the episode on my podcast. It will definitely guide you. When I meet with my groups, I don’t let them bring math books. It is for them to come to you and help with anything. I usually will give them something to practice. If a student struggles, I am able to identify where they went wrong. I don’t make really hard lessons. I don’t see a point in making these elaborate lesson and then having it not relate to the skill. During the place value stations, you are able to put part of the center in a plastic sleeve for the students to work with throughout the lesson.

Daily Assessments

Daily assessments are huge for my class and eventually will help me with grades. Even when starting out with place value, you should absolutely be assessing the students. Below are a list of ideas for daily assessments.

  • Exit Tickets
  • Classwork
  • Questions from Math pages
  • Task cards
  • Google Slides
  • Google Forms

Implementing Guided Math to Support your Students

You know it’s hard to make sure your students completely understand the math lesson. I love giving them skills to practice during the math block. Are you looking for ways to implement Guided Math into your classroom? Check out this FREE Guide to Implement Guided Math in 10 Days!

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