Heyy! I see you are here because you want some awesome picture books about space! I have 5 great books that I love to use during the space unit!

Picture Books about Space to use during science or reading block.
Picture books about space

Picture Book # 1

This book has stolen my heart. I love how this book makes you stop and think about the number of stars vs. something that kids can relate to. The students love this because it compares it to real-life examples. It brings the number of stars to the kid level! Want to check this out? Click right here!

A Hundred Billion Trillion Stars
A Hundred Billion Trillion Stars

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Picture Book # 2

This book is fantastic for that day you have to talk about Earth! It has a lot of information that is relative to earth. It talks about the different climates of Earth. I think this book is great for talking about earth. I also feel like it’s great during Earth Day week! Check out this book here!

Here We Are

Picture Book # 3

I cannot keep this book on the shelf long enough during the space unit. My students are always enthralled with the pictures and the graphics that this book has to offer. It’s not often that I see a book so exciting for the students that kids constantly talk about it (even months to follow). This picture book is great to talk about the entire time during the space unit. I have used it as a mentor text before and will refer back to often. You can check this book here!!

Space- For kids who really love space!
Space- For kids who really love space!

Picture Book # 4

Picture books about space clearly have stolen my heart. Not only do I have a copy at school- but I also have one for my four year old. Can I just the sun kicks butt? This book shows the students the benefits of the sun. It walks through students so many benefits. The kids really get a kick out of this book and often think a little more highly of something they take for granted. Check out this book here!

Sun is Kind of a big deal
Sun is Kind of a big deal

Picture Book # 5

Y’all. This book is my FAVORITE!!! It actually has “sister” books about the sun and the moon. It gives so much information about Earth and it even explains everything leading up until now. The kids get a kick out of this book. When you read the moon and sun book- they learn details about how all 3 are intertwined and need each other. I love how Stacy McAnulty wrote this book and the humor makes it so much better. You can check this book out here!!

Earth! My first 4.54 Billion years
Earth! My first 4.54 Billion years

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