Here we are again with another group of picture books to use during your science block. I wrote an entire blog post about weather picture books that you can check out here. Today, we are going to be checking out weather picture books for kids!

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Weather Picture Books #1

Oh Say Can You Say What's the Weather Today?: All About Weather (Cat in the Hat's Learning Library)

I know some people are completely against the Dr. Seuss books- but hear me out! These books are so much fun!! I use this book to break them into the words. The kids can work through saying different weather words and being exposed to the words. If you think this weather book is easy- let me tell you- NO WAY! It introduces words like anemometer, stratus, smog, and so much more to the students. This book is always fun and easy to break them into the unit. You can check this book out here!

Weather Picture Books # 2

Meteorology (A True Book: Earth Science)

Have you read these True books? These books are so much fun. The text features in them are amazing. The kids are always enthralled in it. The kids love reading about the topic. This one is no exception. They love the pictures and everything that goes with it. This weather picture book covers the main topic of meteorology and encourages students to look at the science of weather!

Weather Picture Books # 3

Hurricanes! by Gail Gibbons

You know how much I love Gail Gibbons. You’ve probably seen my posts on Instagram– or Facebook about Gail Gibbons. Gail brings these illustrations to life and the text that goes with it is truly amazing. She shows what is comes during a hurricane, tornadoes or any major event. Her books are so amazing and I am always obsessed with reading them. Her weather books are no exception. She puts so much vocab words in her books that you will be blown away! You can check this out here!

Weather Picture Books # 4

Storms by Seymour Simon

Okay- Another Seymour Simon book steals the show. Do you want to teach text structure as well? Use his books! I used his book called Gorillas and hit almost every single text structure. There are no text features in this book- however, the text structures are strong. Simon’s weather books are no exception to his amazing writing. This author shows and describes all different elements of the storm or weather. You can check this out here!

Weather Picture Books # 5

Weather Words and What They Mean

You know I had to do another Gail Gibbons. I have used this one previously to kick off my weather unit. Gail describes all of the words that you may see in a weather unit. Be sure to check out her weather books as well because the kids will be reading it for some time!

Find out the best weather picture books to help kick off and solidify the weather unit in your science classroom. Get tips from an experienced teacher about how to make it fun and engaging for students!

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