How to implement SEL in the entire school

By now, you have heard of all the buzz word SEL or Social and Emotional Learning. The main question that people have been asking is how do you implement School Wide SEL?

Implement SEL in the School
Implement SEL in the School

Why does School Wide SEL matter?

If you don’t have everyone on board with SEL, will your school have a strong community? Will the school be able to assist students that struggle with their emotions? No. They won’t be able to support the students in their school and then we are doing a disservice to our students.

How can you implement School wide SEL?

Focus on adult SEL

As a fully functioning adult myself, I am just NOW understanding my emotions. Sometimes it takes days for me to understand how I am feeling. If staff has their own time to cultivate their own social, and emotional and cultural competence, it will make a huge difference.

Start by having teachers collaborate with each other. Teachers can build trust amongst their team and then amongst the school.

Teachers should discuss options with other teachers
Teachers should discuss options with other teachers

Supportive Discipline

Discipline should be instructive. It should not be as a way to mock the student. They should be restorative along with developmentally appropriate. Students should also be treated equitably.

Discipline should be instructive.
Discipline should be instructive.

Authentic Family Relationships

Teachers and parents need to have a relationship. They need to have open communication. If teachers and students don’t have that open communication, then you will not be able to build a positive relationship. You also will not be able to have a school wide SEL without the parents involved.

Build Family Relationships

Classroom Climates

Your students need to see themselves in your classroom. I don’t mean add a mirror. I mean that students need to feel welcome. They need to see themselves in the texts in your classroom. The books you have in your classroom should reflect the students you have in your classroom.

Continuous Improvement

Lastly, your school and you need to constantly take data. You need to be able to recognize when there is a weakness in your school. Have data points and work towards something in your school. This will make a massive difference because you will be able to identify what is working and what isn’t working.

Get the staff on board

As a teacher, I know how hard it is launch this immediately. However, getting your teachers to support this idea may be a step in the right direction. You WILL see a difference in your school however, your entire school must agree and commit to this. It’s not one that can quickly avoided. All teachers need to help launch SEL within the school.

Start by launching Morning Meeting!

Launching morning meeting is a great step in the right direction. You can start to see the change within your own classroom. Want to try it out? Download a free week of Morning Meeting below!